Bark Life Gives Back

The Bark Life family takes giving back very seriously. We are committed to helping all animals — including those in shelters — rescues and yours🐾

Natural disasters not only impact us it impacts our pets as well. When this happens we at Bark Life activate our emergency relief team to get supplies to the areas most in need. This began in 2011 when we founded BL. Being that we are based in Florida we mostly concentrate on the Southeast to have the most impact. We sent 2 huge trucks totaling well over 10 tons of food to Houston after Hurricane Harvey in 17’ and our latest, Hurricane Ian. Within 5 days after Ian passed, we drove over 2 tons of food and pet supplies down to SW Florida and many trips followed to take even more.

Local rescues are at the heart of our communities. We not only donate food and pet supplies to local rescues we also host adoption events and fundraisers to help homeless pets find their forever homes.

Sponsoring local foundations that help the children of our communities is so important and that’s just what we do! We not only sponsor our local school bands and sports teams, we also sponsor Old Salt Fishing Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is “To create, protect and promote recreational fishing opportunities for Florida anglers and their families, getting the kids out of the house and enjoying the outdoors”. Old Salt supports the development of sound fisheries science & conservation policies, youth & family outreach and angler education.